Monday, August 8, 2011

Paternity test

We hear all the time how much Brynne looks like me, and Hadley looks like Julia. 

For just a moment the other day I caught myself wondering if these two, were in fact, my children. 

Here's the scenario:

We were finishing dinner.  The last step of dinner, before brushing teeth, (I failed to mention in my second post - I know the sign for brushing teeth, so that makes seven signs I know) is some sort of dessert.  Since they get bon-bons all day we try to do other stuff - fruit, fruit mashed into applesauce, kettle corn, and graham crackers are all common.

Eating the same stuff over and over and over bores me. 

I thought it might be boring for the girls as well, so I asked Julia if she would make some homemade chocolate chip cookies.  (I really didn't think the girls cared about eating the same stuff - I just wanted cookies and it is harder for Julia to say no if she thinks it is for the girls instead of me).

She made the cookies, and we had them for dessert.  One bite for Hadley, one bite for Papa, one bite for Brynne, one bite for Papa.  I eat quicker so I needed another bite while waiting on them to finish.  Problem.  They didn't finish their bites.  They spit them out or threw them to the ground.  What a disaster! 

These couldn't be my children.  I ate their discarded bites to console myself.

Well, as it turns out, they are my children.  A few days later I came home late from work, and Julia was just finishing dinner.  Chocolate chips were melted on their hands, faces, and in their hair - good thing it was bath night and both of us were home. 

A few more days go by, and this time when I come in the door for lunch Brynne is holding a bite of cookie in her hand and with a huge grin starts yelling cook-a, cook-a, cook-a.  I prefer for her to announce my arrival with Papa, Papa, Papa, but I now know that if I'm gone, I can be replaced by cookies. 


All is right with the world, as the identity of their father is now clearly me.

I also now know the sign for cookie.  Apparently it is very close to muffin and cupcake.  If you have a list running, I'm up to ten signs with these three similar ones. 

Go Papa!

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