Monday, August 22, 2011

New to me

I've only bought two brand new cars in my life. 

The rest were used, but still new to me.  Just because someone else has already driven the car doesn't make it any less exciting, for me, the first time. 

Whether or not the clock has already been programmed by soemone else doesn't mean that I can't be just as excited when I figure it out - and then remember how to do it again when daylight savings hits. 

Since Julia gets to see the girls all day long, she gets to experience most everything they do for the first time in real time.  I either hear about it later, or see them doing it myself.  Those times I see them do something for the first time, I get so excited!  I yell to Julia to let her know what they are doing and typically get the response:
Yep, they started that a few days ago. 
At first that depressed me.  Actually, it depressed me for quite some time. 

I kept missing out on these milestones.  I think I might have been looking at these new actions as some sort of foolish competition. 

I was losing. 
Julia got to see everything.
I got to see nothing. 
I hate to lose. 

I don't know exactly when it happened, but at some point I just started thinking differently about it.  Instead of seeing it as a missed experience or as a loss, I decided to look at it as it truly was - still a new experience for me and the girls. 


                                          "All I ever do is win" - Charlie Sheen

I still yell for Julia, just in case what they're doing is something new - and just to be sure what they are doing isn't some sign language I don't understand. 

But - I no longer feel bad that I didn't see it first.  Every so often I still see something for the first time and that is exciting. 

I've worked hard to teach them new things - things their mama probably doesn't really want me teaching them, but oh well.

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Derek Aldrich said...

I know how that is as it frequently happens to me as well. Good luck with teaching them new things. Maybe wash their hands in the sink then dry them themselves?