Saturday, August 13, 2011

It could have been worse... could have been Friday the 13th instead of the 12th. 

They (whoever they are) say that bad things come in threes.  After today, I fully believe it. 
Bad thing #1 - Morning came too early.
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Hadley is cutting all four incisors at the same time.  They woke her up at 5:30 AM, and she did not go back to sleep.  At 5:45 I went and got her.  At 5:47 she fell asleep on Mama. 

It wouldn't last.

I looked over five minutes later, and she was staring right back at me.  She gave me a little smile.  I tried to pick her up and move her back to her bed, but she was not having it.  She wailed until she got back on Mama, but she never fell back asleep. 

I had been looking forward to sleeping in after a long week - and by sleeping in I mean 7 AM.  It was only slightly more than an hour, but I sure would have loved it.
Bad thing #2 - Brynne got in a fight.  She lost. 

We were at the doctor's office for their 18 month check-up. While waiting for the doctor to come in the girls were playing.  Brynne came running back across the room. 

She tripped. 

She slammed, face-first into a chair that was butted up against the wall. 

The corner of the square metal chair leg she slammed her head into only had a small dent in it, but her face is broken.

To add insult to injury - she still got a shot.
Bad thing #3 - A visit from the local fire department. 

The girls had just gone to sleep when our smoke detector went off.  It's right outside the girls' room, so I scrambled to shut it down before it woke them up.  I reached up for it, and was preparing to dismantle it, when I heard the alarm from another room. 

I left this detector and went to our room, where the carbon monoxide detector resides. 

Sure enough, it was screaming.  I took it down and popped the batteries.  The alarm was not the one chirp/beep every 30 seconds that tells you the batteries are dying.  

It was the actual alarm sound.

I still changed the batteries, just to be sure.  The alarm stopped, but we decided to call the fire department just to be safe.

They came out and checked our house.  Everything was fine, and they found no trace of carbon monoxide.

Fireman number one had some helpful advice. He told us to have one detector on each level of the house, and to put them as close to the floor as possible. 

Fireman number two went through the checklist of everything they searched and we signed off saying nothing was found. 

Fireman number three just had this to say: How long have your girls been asleep? 
Me: About an hour
Fireman number three: Maybe you should go in and check on them just to be sure they're only sleeping.

What a pleasant thing to hear near the end of my day. 

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Oh, my goodness...what a day! I hope you all have a much more relaxed weekend. I think you deserve it! :)