Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bawk bawk bawk bawk

I am not a chicken when it comes to trying new things. 

I am a huge chicken when it comes to my girls doing it. 

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I know they need to live and learn, but sometimes it scares me.  I turned out mostly fine after doing a ton of dangerous stuff.  Maybe I am treating them more like girls than little adventurers.

I have a solution - I'll create a danger scale, so I can be a little better prepared how to respond to injury.  This should allow me to gauge their relative danger potential and determine how to react based on that rating.

Each action will be given a rating from one to five, with the coresponding definitions:
  1. nothing is completely harmless, but this is as close as it gets
  2. crocodile tears, but no lasting concerns
  3. real tears, possible red mark or welt, definite shrieking
  4. lots of tears and wailing, definite red mark and/or bruising, possible bleeding
  5. tears, wailing, blood, skin grafts, trip to the hospital, possible coma    
Now that we have established our scale, it is time to determine how to react. 
  1. do nothing
  2. do nothing
  3. do nothing
  4. be close and try to prevent injury, but mostly do nothing
  5. find something else for them to do so I can do nothing
The list should work fine - as long as I can properly rate an action.  The new problem I've created for myself is thinking that everything is a 5.  In reality, the girls probably do very few things that are in the 4 or 5 class, but I tend to imagine the worst and therefore put their actions there.

If anyone has dealt with their own chicken issues?  I would love to hear how you've coped.   


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I always thought it was supposed to be the mother who shadowed her children's every move. My husband has proved me wrong, though, also grading most every action (like climbing the steps, coloring, and blowing bubbles) a Category 5 danger.

It doesn't feel right that, as the mama, I'm saying, "How bad can it be? They'll be *fine*!" But somebody's gotta let them learn to use a fork, right? ;)

Jerry Koerkenmeier said...

It's funny how much my reactions have changed with each additional child. Your post reminded me of an interesting piece in the New York Times by John Tierney entitled, "Can a Playground Be Too Safe?"

Jerry Koerkenmeier said...

An actual link might help:

Can a Playground Be Too Safe? by John Tierny