Monday, January 30, 2012


During the first six months of our girls' lives they didn't sleep well.  That's an understatement.  They cat napped at times during the day, and did basically the same at night.  Nobody in our house slept longer than an hour or two at a time with any consistency.

After visiting the baby whisperer (our nickname for the sleep specialist) we finally put the poor sleeping habits to bed.  Please forgive me for the pun.  I am a little slap happy after no sleep last night.  I thought it was punny, so I'm leaving it.
Our sleep specialist's name might have been Brooklyn.
I love it now that they sleep from 7 PM to after 7 AM every night/morning. 

I love it that they take a couple hour nap in the afternoon. 

I loved being home to get them up in the morning when they would wake before 7.

Yes, that is past tense.  They are sleeping in until after I leave now.  I rarely get to see all my girls in the morning before I head out to work. 

I miss walking into their room and hearing them excitedly say "Papa, Papa!". 

I miss scooping them up for hugs and kisses. 

I even miss changing them so Mama doesn't have to.

I've considered making a loud noise or just walking into their room to wake them up some mornings.  I don't do that as it would be incredibly selfish and unfair to everyone but me.  But I still think about it.
Not cool when Mama and kiddos are sleeping.
Is it wrong that I sometimes secretly wish they would wake up on their own early enough for me to greet them?


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

If our experience is any indication, you'll get your chance for earlier morning wake-ups worries. ;)

And thanks a mil for the Beastie Boys reference. 5th grade was a good year! Hahaha!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

I second that. They will wake up earlier and stop taking naps. That's the hard part. No break for mom/dad at naptime.

Emmy said...

No thing wrong with that at all- but yes definitely do NOT do it! I wish my kids slept till 7, they are more like 6:15ish kids.

Olusola said...

It's not wrong, it's a loving daddy who misses or babies (or a smart daddy who knows "mama don't play" if he wakes the babies up unneccessarily). :)