Saturday, January 28, 2012

Papa Loves...a link to Mama Loves

In college, as a gag gift, my parents bought me a bowl with a straw built into it.  I don't think they thought I would ever use it, but I still have it 15 years later.
Genius, pure genius.
I admit to not using it much lately as breakfast has become more "grab something I can eat in the car" than an actual sit down event.  I call it an event because I used to be a HUGE breakfast eater, to the point of devouring at least half a box of cereal at a time.

While I occasionally do eat cereal, my girls are the ones that eat it most days.  One morning, I was finishing their meal as I often do, I drank the milk right out of the bowl.  The next time I gave them cereal they were demanding to finish the milk the way I did.

I let them do it, and they were ecstatic. 

Mama, however, was less than impressed.  She was saying something about manners and such.  I couldn't hear much of what she was saying over the slurping sounds coming from the girls, but I heard enough to know I was not supposed to do this anymore. 

As I was putting some dishes away later that day, I ran across my old cereal bowl.  I knew the girls loved to drink from straws, and I knew they loved finishing off the cereal milk, so I thought I'd try to use the bowl and see if it was kid-tested, mother-approved.
Obviously this is both kid-tested and mother-approved; it says so right on the box.
It was, and it was - mostly.

I don't think Mama fully agrees with the use of it, but since it stops them from slurping their milk, I believe she has agreed to let them use it.  I've never seen it in the dishwasher (other than when I break it out) so I'm guessing she hand washes it, dries it, and puts it away just so I don't know how much she loves my toy cereal bowl.
This is the organic version of Kix our girls eat.  No Count Chocula for them, now or ever. 
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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Oh, many stories!

Apparently my dad "taught" (inadvertently, I'm guessing) me to drink the milk from my cereal bowl as a child...something my mom didn't realize until we were visiting the neighbors and I turned up a bowl to slurp the melted ice cream. :)

And my mom bought my dad one of those bowls as a gag gift once upon a time. :)

Thanks for the smiles this morning!

By the way, our girls have never seen a good ol' cereal-slurp. We bought these great dishes a few years ago, but I didn't realize the lip on the bowls was not conducive for slurping until after they had made their home in our cabinet. I've been reformed, I least until we buy our next set of dishes...and you can be sure I'll be checking out that feature! ;)

championm2000 said...

Seriously--bowls with straws!


I wish I had thought of it first.

Helene said...

I've never seen those! That's totally brilliant! My kids are always drinking the milk out of their cereal but they usually end up spilling milk everywhere (and they don't clean it up of course!)

Gotta love Gorilla kids love that stuff!! Oh and the Panda Puffs too!