Friday, January 27, 2012

No means no...or does it?

We've all heard the statement "NO MEANS NO".  While it has a serious meaning, it has also become a punchline in many situations.  I contend it doesn't always hold true.  Here is my supporting argument.
Conversation from dinner the other night:
Me:  Hadley, do you want some more to eat?

Hadley:  No. 

Me:  Are you done eating?

Hadley:  No.

Me:  I'm confused.  Are you done eating or do you want something else?

Hadley:  No.

Me:  Is no the only thing you are going to say?

Hadley:  No.

Me:  Then are you going to say something else?

Hadley:  No.

Me:  I think we're done here.

Hadley:  No.

Me:  HEY!!!  How about a big girl bite of chicken?

Hadley:  Sure.
The point is this:  my girls have a limited vocabulary.  I think they don't completely mean to say no, but they can't yet say to me:
Dearest Papa, I would really enjoy a bite of chicken, dipped in BBQ sauce, followed by some sweet potato fries, dipped in BBQ sauce, and all washed down with a cold swig of milk.
Someday we'll get there.  Until that day comes, I'm stuck asking the same question eight different ways to try to find out what is really going on.


Melissa Ann said...

Bad news... it's not much better at 2 and almost 5 months. The only difference is that occasionally a NO really means NO and you can understand that... occasionally. Oh, and we know how to say Yes....

Derek Aldrich said...

What she said. Though we have on occasion, if it is their evening glass of milk, just put it away after they said no. Amazing how fast they want it.

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Ahhhh!!! I feel ya. I always confuse myself asking the same question 8 times! Both my girls do this. And just when I thought three was mastered, they start it all up again with the whining mixed with crying and stubbornness. Hang in there!!!!

Olusola said...

yep, sounds like life around here, except that since my girls aren't too verbal, all I get is a head shake for no

Phil said...

My favorite is asking if my kids have to go to the bathroom and they say "no" so I ask if they are sure and they say "no." Usually after a little back and forth about this I just take them to the bathroom anyway, and then they go pee.

At the very least you don't have to translate different types of cries anymore... until they're teenagers.