Friday, January 20, 2012

10 New things I've learned recently

I think the title says it all, so I won't expound too much here.

1 - Nothing is better than twin toddlers giggling, unless they are chasing each other around giggling. 

2 - If Hadley disappears, she is in the changing room.  She is doing one of three things.  She could be off by herself reading a book, laying under the bed with some toys piled up around her, or hiding behind the curtain waiting for someone to come in and ask where she is.
Why yes, she is sitting on her potty, fully clothed, reading a book, which is propped up on Howie the horse, who has been turned on his side for just that purpose.  Pretty fantastic if you ask me.

3 - If Brynne disappears, she has most likely shut herself in a room accidentally.  How she loves to close doors!

4 - At meal time, if the girls won't eat, we need to offer them something to dip their food in.  BBQ sauce works well for most any item.  If we are eating duck, chicken, strawberries, or if the BBQ failed, they will want the orange sauce that comes with duck.  Surprisingly, the combination of strawberries and duck sauce is not bad.

5 - When putting toys away, Brynne is easily distracted while Hadley is laser focused - most of the time.  Brynne will bring me books to put back on the shelf, but Hadley MUST put them back herself.

6 - Once you (or anyone) teach a child something, there is no way to unteach it - for better or for worse.  Even if you don't mean to teach them something, they will learn it (see #9).

7 - When looking through the Big Picture Story Bible with Brynne, every female is Eee (Eve), the men vary, but she can point out Jee-du (Jesus) consistently.  She already has a strong grasp of Genesis. In the book, when Eee is hiding from the Lord in the garden, Brynne says "uh-oh".
Great book.
8 - The first thousand times I try to open a drawer I recently childproofed I forget about what I've done, the latch catches, I lose my grip on it since I am not expecting it, and it slams back shut.

9 - If someone breaks wind, our girls will point, giggle (maybe even gasp), and then try to check their britches to see if they need changed.  It's cute when they check each other, not as cute when they try to check me, and will probably be weird if they start checking other children.

10 - Brynne can sleep through the heaviest hail storms, while Hadley will call "MaMa, MaMa, MaMa" until someone acknowledges her.


Mary Cavalier said...

It is so much fun seeing the differences in your girls. Just amazing how God has created them!

Olusola said...

I always love reading ab out the differences between twins. By the way, would you recommend the bible picture book?

Emmy said...

#9 is my favorite! Especially checking each others pants, too funny.

Kids giggling-especially if they aren't destroying something while giggling really is the cutest thing

Helene said...

#9 kills me!!! I always said I would never smell my child's butt to check for a poopy diaper...and then I became a parent. It never dawned on me that the kids would do that too as a learned behavior until one time when Tim "passed gas" and Garrett ran up behind him and smelled his butt, then said, "Yeah, Daddy pooped in his pants."

Love giggle-fests!!!! The best sound in the world!

Sara said...

This is such a great post, Brad! So cute :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Giggling kiddos are the bestest, no doubt! Our Baby B is a giggle-britches, and she has the funniest laugh. (A friend once described it as "evil", which in isolation, I could buy...but it's pretty darn adorable.)

It's a real treat to get full-on giggles from Baby A. We don't hear giggle fits very often, but when they happen, it's something else. She sometimes laughs so hard she squeals / snorts. :)

And I'm giggling about breaking wind. Our girls think it's funny, but thank goodness they didn't pick up on "checking" each other (and DADDY) when said noise is heard.