Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What a week

This past week has been a bit crazy.  I thought I'd share some of the stupid things that have gone on around me, and some of the things that made me smile.
Who has the more mischievous look on her face?

Stupid - An extended cab truck, with a full sized bed, parked in a compact car space in the parking garage. 

Good - the car next to said truck, on the driver's side, parked within inches of the truck.  The truck driver will now have to get in on the passenger side and crawl across.  Well played.

Stupid - I follow a guy onto the elevator.  He pushes the button for the 14th floor and then I push the button for the 5th floor.  As I step to the back of the elevator and the door closes, he steps to the front and stands right in the middle of the door.  As the door opens to the 5th floor, I have to say excuse me so he'll move and I can get off the elevator.

Good - He must have been distracted all morning thinking about getting to be in the front of the line.  I say this because he had one white and one black sock on - I only noticed this as the brown suit pants he was wearing made him look like he was expecting a flood.  They were about three inches too short.

Stupid -  Me throwing up all night and then deciding to eat some dry toast early in the morning.  That was fine, but chasing it with a glass of milk was a bad decision on my part.  Dairy + stomach flu = no toast or milk in my tummy.  It also meant no bile, no acid, and really no anything in my stomach for many more hours.  Reminded me of this.

Good - Mama being incredible and taking care of twin toddlers and ailing Papa for the day.  While they didn't come in to play and jump all over me (thankfully), they did stand at the bedroom door and wave at me, telling me hi and bye, while I was quarantined.

Stupid - see here, and here as well.

Good - see here.

Stupid - Me misreading my wife's facial expression and then making a crack about what was taking place.  Only later did I realize she was not laughing at the situation, but merely trying not to cry as she attempted to parallel park...our 17 foot long extended a tight spot...on a busy road...with two screaming toddlers in the car...and a flock of observers on the sidewalk. 

Good - The look of appreciation on her face as I later acknowledged my failure, apologized for my words, and asked for her forgiveness.

Good - A lunch date with my three ladies and sister-in-law at work.  I got to show them all off as we walked around the office.  Also, so many compliments on how adorable and well behaved they were - all of them.

Stupid - The new version of bubble wrap.  Our girls love the old style you can actually pop.  In case you missed it, you can see their joy here.  The new stuff has five or six air pockets that are not filled fully with air.  As you squeeze one, the air simply moves to the other pockets. 
Herding chickens...always a good time.

Good -  In the end, I discovered if you roll it up, and then have a toddler jump on it, it will still explode, but nothing like it used to be. I'm sure it's better for shipping, but it's much worse for entertainment than it used to be.

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Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I hate those stupid big trucks. I don't blame you one bit for being totally satisfied with the parking job the other car did!

I had a run-in with a dude in one of those trucks at Home Depot one day. I was struggling to buckle Matt in his seat and said something like, "you couldn't have chosen any other space??" and was all like, "what? I'm in the lines? You want me to move?" and I was all like, "I want you to think before you pull this monstrosity into a spot and no, you're NOT in the lines." It ended up just fine (i.e. I didn't get my face smashed in by some redneck), but I just thought I'd share my own personal big truck story for no good reason b/c you probably don't even care.

BTW, hate the new bubble's silly.