Monday, March 5, 2012


Peek-a-boo is an age old game, I imagine.  Our girls have gotten into the fun and try to play as often as they can.

I try not to let them do it at meal time, unless it's a bath night.  They do have a good time with it, but they also end up with whatever they're eating caked in their hair and all over their faces.  The worst part is if they have something with a little spice to it as it will always end up in their eyes.
This is mild compared to what they are capable of.

The top five locations, in no particular order, to play the game are as follows:

1 - Behind the curtains in the changing room.  One of them will stand behind the nearly floor-to-ceiling curtain and wait for us to ask where they are before wrestling with the curtain and eventually coming out to say "boo".  The only thing we can see are their legs, which are clearly visible.

2 - Inside(?) their easel.  Again, we can see their feet, but I guess since they can't see us they assume we can't see them.  That is, we can't see them until they lean out the side and holler "boo" again.

3 - Anyplace they can cover their eyes.  Same logic as above - if they can't see us they must be invisible.  Family Guy has a great bit about this.  When Peter covers his own eyes, Stewie can't see him.  It's funnier now that the girls are doing it.

4 - In their tent.  The tent itself is made of a very thin material, which allows you to see shapes, though not specific details.  They'll hide in their until you are visible, either through the door or one of the other openings, and then call out "boo!" with excitement.  It's pretty cute to hear "boo" and then look to see where they are seeing you from - usually a two inch opening through which only one little eyeball is visible.
The pirate boat is another prime location.

5 - My personal favorite.  I went to our bedroom and shut the door behind me to change.  I could hear Hadley cracking up at something, so I assumed Mama was playing with them.  As I opened the door to come out and see what was so hilarious, Brynne was standing there with her arms raised, a huge smile spreading across her face, and she yelled "BOO!".  Hadley was standing a few feet away and she erupted into more laughter.  She knew what Brynne was going to do and the anticipation had her in a tizzy.

I had scared Brynne a little bit by saying "boo" as she walked around a corner earlier in the day.  She learned from that and tried to scare me back I guess.

I love these girls.


Monica said...

Awww... Professor Papa strikes again on that last one! My husband taught our girlies how to play hide and seek around 18 months. Now around 2 and 1/2 they hide from him everyday when he gets home from work! It's amazing what kiddos pick up!

championm2000 said...

I love how the most simple of games entertain them. Ours love to be chased down the hall where they think they are hiding because they have pressed themselves against a door. We like the game, too, because we count it as our exercise for the day :-)