Monday, March 26, 2012

Too nice?

I'm talking about the weather. 

It has been unseasonably warm just about everywhere this year.  After a short winter, we were all ready to get outside and enjoy it.  We kept thinking:
"This is it.  Today is the last of the good weather.  We need to get the girls out and enjoy it."

The foul was well-behaved, until he attacked.  And then Mama screamed.
Then the forecast would be updated and we'd be in store for a few more beautiful days.  The next set of bad weather would be announced, so naturally we needed to be outside while we could.

Then the forecast would change again and we'd  be blessed with more great days.

We'll continue to be outside, so my posts will probably continue to be spread out some. 

Hope you're enjoying it as much as we are!
30 minutes after he attacked, the girls forgave the bird...but kept their distance.
I love it when they hold hands without any prompting.


Derek Aldrich said...

I liked it. Though the bird is a mute swan, not a goose, so not a fowl. (minor nitpic over)

Derek Aldrich said...

But yes, it is nice when the twins hold hands on their own.