Monday, March 12, 2012

Pure Genius

We were not looking forward to the time change - again.  It seems like it has never been easy to transition the girls smoothly, though we have tried both doing it gradually and ripping the band aid off.

This year looked to be especially bad as we were slated to work the nursery at church, which meant not only would we all lose an hour of sleep for daylight savings, but we would have to get them up earlier so we could make it on time.  The day showed signs of being the perfect storm.
Flavor Flav, Mayor of the time change.
Thanks to a bit of luck, and a stroke of genius if I do say so myself, it went off without any problems whatsoever.

Both girls woke up Saturday morning an hour before they normally would have.  I got up with them, changed them into their clothes for the day and started to feed them breakfast. 

As they were eating, I noticed the clock behind them.  I went ahead and sprung it one hour forward.  I then went around and did the rest of the clocks in the house. 

We became trendsetters.  Before anyone else in the country, I presume, had moved their clocks forward, we were doing just that.  I was sure the rest of the country that participated in the time change would follow suit, and sure enough, they did.   

Lunch was an hour early, and so was nap time.  Dinner, bath, and bedtime all came early.

When Sunday morning came early, it was no different than any other day we worked the nursery.

I will admit, it was very strange having all our clocks "wrong", but in the end, our ability to remember we were operating on a slightly different time zone paid huge dividends for us.  I doubt we'll be able to repeat the performance in the future, but we'll take it this time.


Helene said...

Did your girls give you any trouble last night when they noticed it was still light outside at bedtime?

My kids were convinced we were tricking them because it was still light out. And then of course it was pitch black out this morning when I woke them to get ready for school.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Well played, Brad! And great thinking, especially so early in the morning! :)

KNOCK ON WOOD, the time change has generally gone pretty well for us...but I still lose sleep every season, just anticipating it.

championm2000 said...

Oh, how I wish you would have posted this BEFORE the time change!

We are still struggling!