Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go, Go Gadget Arms

My height is 6'5".  My wingspan is 6'5".  I am unable to stretch myself any farther than this, but how useful would that be?

When the girls were little(r) I always thought I'd love for them to be more mobile.  Now I am paying for those wishes.

It really doesn't matter what we are doing or where we are, the two rugrats always try to go their own way.  Just like in Operation Puppy Dog they never have the same destination in mind.

Almost every time we go outside to play, one of them will run toward the back yard while the other heads toward the street.  This is fine if both Mama and Papa are around, but when we aren't, it quickly becomes a hassle.

The danger scale comes into play when I'm alone with them.  Playing in the street is a 5, while rolling down the hill is only a 3.  Unless they make it to the retaining wall, which then puts us up to a 5.

They don't show off the speed they inherited from Papa often.  Actually, they try to keep it hidden and only use it when I'm not fully paying attention.  The more I write, the more I realize just how often I am not paying full attention.  Maybe it doesn't happen as frequently as it seems, but they sure do notice it, and take full advantage of it.

On second thought, they're intentionally doing things to divert my attention. 

We are sitting on the driveway, drawing with the chalk (or trying to ingest it) when Hadley brings me her chalk, sets it down, and gives me a big hug. 

Strange.  Why would she stop playing to give me a random hug?

The answer - Brynne is 10 yards away and still accelerating.

In my first glimpse of her, all I see is a torso and a blur of legs.  Once she realizes I have seen her, she drops her pace to a clumsy trot.  I try to get up and start the chase, but Hadley is latched onto me.  I fumble with her grip and try to get her to release.

I know if I take my eyes off Brynne, those legs will start blurring again, so I work without the aid of seeing what I am doing.  I finally release the anchor and head toward Brynne.

I know in my mind Hadley is already up and headed in the opposite direction, but I can't worry about that now.  Brynne is headed for the 5. 

Brynne's giggling when I reach her.  She can see past me, and is watching her sister escape around the side of the house.  I get to her quickly, but now have a decision to make. 

Would it be quicker to follow Hadley's path directly or to circle the house and meet her head on?

Even with an additional 27 pounds in my arms I decide I am quicker than Hadley and begin to track her down.  For once, I make the right decision as she has stopped sprinting to smell the flowers.

What a wonderful thing she has learned so early in life - to slow down and enjoy all of God's creation.


The reason she really stopped was to try to get the taste of chalk out of her mouth - by replacing it with the taste of flowers and rocks.

I guess it's time for a glass of milk to wash them all down.

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