Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pardon the Cheese

My wife wanted you all to know how awesome I am, and to say some very humbling things to me here, on our fourth anniversary.

I had a few things to say too. You can hop over to her space to read them there



So, you know those silly facebook status things? This was someone's status yesterday:

HAPPILY MARRIED WEEK - If your spouse is still your best friend, works extremely hard, has been with you through triumphs and tragedies, who loves you when you're at your worst, whom you are proud to be married to, post this as your status with the date you got married.
So, I guess we picked the right week to get married. If we'd chosen any other week, who knows?! We might be completely miserable.

Regardless, I'm not declaring my love through a facebook status in honor of "Happily Married Week".

I'll do a blog post instead!

As I sit here and write by the window it's breezy and warm. Pretty much exactly how it was the day we got married. Do you remember how windy it was? Gloriously sunny, warm and windy.

The breeze is blowing my dress gently against my legs as I write to you.

I laugh.

It never occurred to me when I put on the dress that it's exactly the same dress I wore the night before our wedding.

So, while my wardrobe, apparently, hasn't changed in four years. We certainly have.

I love who we are.
I love where we've been.
I love that I'm as excited to live life with you today as I was the day we said "I do" (or did we say "I will"? I can't remember).


Here we are, standing in grace.

Four years,
three dogs,
two daughters and
one house later.

I'm so incredibly blessed that you chose me to be your wife four years ago. I hope your readers will pardon all this cheese. Here are just a few reasons I love you:
  • You still open the car door for me (as long as your arms aren't full of babies).
  • You enjoy firing up the grill to give me a night off from cooking.
  • You make me coffee, even though you hate the taste and smell of it. September 29th is actually National Coffee Day, so there you go--one more reason for one of us to celebrate the day.
  • You tell me I'm beautiful and compliment me often.
  • You love to travel with me, and planned the most perfect surprise family vacation for us.
  • You pull weeds, spread mulch and stake tomatoes to help make my garden beautiful, because you know I love it so much.
  • You kiss me like this:

Basically, you rock.

I love you! 

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