Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lists, lists, lists

I am a big fan of lists. 

I never leave home without my red European man-bag.

If I have any reason to make a list I will.  I suppose it's not so much the list itself as it is the ability to then cross things off that list.

I will write something new on the list AFTER I've done it, just so I can cross it off. 

Not only does it give me a sense of accomplishment, but it helps ensure I don't forget anything. 

For my money, there is nothing worse than getting home from running errands only to realize I forgot one thing - usually from the place furthest from home.

Taking our first family vacation provided me with the perfect opportunity for some lists.  Here's a list of those lists:

1 - things I needed to plan before we left

2 - things I could do to deceive Julia about the trip

3 - clothes to pack for me

4 - clothes to pack for Julia

5 - clothes to pack for the girls

6 - things to pack for the flight

7 - toys and books to pack for the girls

8 - toiletries to pack for all of us

9 - things we could buy once we got to our destination

10 - documents I needed to pack

11 - other things I shouldn't forget

Have you ever had that sinking feeling you were forgetting something?  I have, but not often. 

With my list(s) prepared well in advance, the actual packing takes less time since I don't have to think about what I'm missing.  I just know it's all there since I've reviewed my list and added items as time went on.

Yes, I am probably a bit insane, but it all seems to work out - for the most part.

More on the vacation to come soon!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I, too, add things to my lists after I've done them...just so I can cross them off. It helps account for the abyss that some days seem!

Should I also admit to having my baby packing list typed in Excel? That way I can make easy changes as the girls grow and their needs change. Or should I just leave that little gem a family secret? ;)

Brad Jenkins said...

Awesome!! Guilty as well. I have a few different saved lists (day trip, overnight trip, etc). Each list is its own spreadsheet and I add new tabs for varying ages. Never know when I might need it again.