Monday, April 9, 2012

Derby Days

The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner.  We've been training for this day for over two years.  The girls are ready.  They have the speed and stamina to be victorious, and I fully believe they will come home with a win.

After this, we'll prepare for Preakness and Belmont to complete the triple crown.  Only one of them can win it all, and so we'll have to just let the winner run the next two races, but they'll still train together.  For now, though, it's first things first.
Brynne takes the early lead, but only because Hadley is more interested in tackling her.

I know the girls aren't yet three years old, but I've applied for a special waiver to let them run.

UPDATE:  We've been denied entry.  Is this ageism?  Sexism?  Some other sort of discrimination?

The answers are no, no, and yes.

They have been denied entry because they aren't equine.

What kind of a country do we live in?  Who makes these rules?  All these girls want to do is run, when they're not mowing the lawn or hanging from trees. 

I guess it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to allow them to race against four legged critters.  We could level the playing field by just having them bear crawl, but I still don't think they'd be allowed to race.

Is it too late to sign up for the Indy 500?

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I have recent "hat" pictures that made me think the same thing! ;)