Friday, November 18, 2011

Is that really a reason to recall something?

Just for the record, I do believe companies should let the consumers know when there is an issue with a particular product they manufacture.  That being said, most of the issues we've seen have not been real issues in my opinion.  The only recall notice we have received recently which was an actual cause for alarm is the one that said my car may have an issue.  Even that one said you didn't have to so anything unless your car was showing certain symptoms.

Here are the last three we've received.

Sweet ride, but oh so dangerous

#1 - The Bob dualie stroller.  The issue at hand is how a drawstring used to pull back the canopy can be a strangulation hazard.  This was the closest to being a real threat that I could see, but it still was a bit far fetched for me.  The drawstring, when the canopy was fully open, could have enough slack in it to allow a child to grab it, wrap it around their neck, and choke. 
Sounds horrible, right?  This, of course, would require the parent forgetting to strap their child into the seat.  Once strapped in the danger goes away.  Their solution was simple - cut the cord and retract/extend the canopy manually.  On the danger scale this is about a 2, so we left it in place.

#2 - Handle on the wagon can pinch fingers.
Seems like the blocks are more of a choking hazard than anything
That's pretty self explanatory.  They sent us a new handle that is more child friendly.  I took the old handle off to compare it to the new one.  Either they sent us the wrong part or the only thing different between the handles was their color.  While we all know green handles have a lower probability of pinching than yellow handles, this was a -2 on the danger scale.

#3 - Back to the Bob.  See that little embroidered piece on the canopy?  Yes, that too is a choking hazard.  Apparently, if your child has the dexterity to undo the stiching, they can then grap the piece and chew on it.  Their solution is to remove it using a standard pair of tweezers.  This is a 1 on the danger scale. 

Our solution was to just take the tweezers away from the girls.  Sure, they'll miss them, but safety first!  While we're at it we stopped letting them run with scissors, play with broken glass, and have removed all the loaded weapons from their cribs. 

I'm sure they'll find other ways to defend themselves in the case of a home invasion.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Before I saw that notice about the embroidery backing on the Bob, it came off our stroller. One of the girls said, "Look, Mommy!" and handed it to me. Problem solved. ;)

I don't mean to make light of recall notices...having worked for several manufacturers, they can be serious business...but some of them do seem goofy from an end-user standpoint, a definite sign of our litigious society.

Glad you took the tweezers away from your girls. They're too young to be plucking their eyebrows, anyhow. ;)

Helene said...

I agree with what Mandy wrote! As silly as some of these recalls seem, people can be sue-happy these days so I guess the manufacturers can never be too careful.

I actually caught one of my kids running with scissors the other day. Really. And then I had to laugh at myself as the words, "How many times have I told you not to run with scissors?" came spilling out of my mouth. Like, did I ever imagine that would be something I'd be saying to my kids?

championm2000 said...

Ditto what Mandy and Helene said about sue-happy folks.

I heard a story today about a school that has outlawed soccer balls due to the possibility of bruising. I wonder if I can sue my middle school gym teacher who made me bruise my wrists by hitting that hard volleyball. The memory still stings almost 25 years (yikes) later!

Travis said...

Now that Lucas is 6 months old and swimming in a sea of toys, I'm looking at them all and realizing they're all just giant blocks of plastic. Getting rid of the choking and strangling dangers also removes all the fun. Ok, safety first, but I agree, most of these recalls are silly. And I too believe green has a lower pinch ratio compared to yellow.