Friday, November 25, 2011

Grocery Shopping/Preparation

I don't consider myself too anal retentive about many things.  I do like organization as I believe I've mentioned before.  I also like things to be clean if at all possible.  I hate to waste stuff.  There is one exception to this rule - I LOVE to chuck old food.

I look at this as an opportunity to create space for new and edible items. 

I don't like it when food goes bad, because there are starving children somewhere in the world that might eat it - though I would advise against eating some of the stuff I've found in the fridge or pantry closet.

Julia and I do the grocery shopping together almost every week.  I enjoy it.  Not only do I get time with my ladies, but I get a chance to sneak things into the cart.  Things that Mama would never get on her own.  And most likely things she will never eat or let the girls have.  Typically, these items don't go bad either.  Partially because I eat them, but more often because they are so loaded with preservatives their shelf life exceeds my own life span. 

We do this on Saturday mornings.  A typical Friday night, obviously, consists of me going through the fridge and making a list of everything we need.  While I'm doing the prep work, I look through some of the old containers and decide what to chuck.  Jealous yet?  I know, right now you're thinking "How cool are they?" 

We are so cool.

Julia hates this.

The typical conversation goes like this:
Me - Is this salsa still good?  I can't tell if this is green pepper in here or mold?

Julia - Whatever.

Me - Are we still planning on using this celery?  It bends, but I'm having trouble breaking it...and it's white-ish.

Julia - Whatever.

Me - If I can stick my finger all the way to the core of a peach does that mean it's bad?

Julia - Whatever.

Me - These chips bend, but they don't crunch.  Are you still going to eat them?

Julia - Whatever. 
Me - This salad dressing expired just after we met.  Is it edible?

Julia - Whatever.
Me - When did we have tomato soup last?

Julia - I can't remember.

Me -  Oh, never mind.  It's actually an apple that sorta melted.
Julia - Shut up and bring me some more wine.

Me - We have a bottle of white in the fridge that has never been opened, but appears to be evaporating.  Is that even possible?

Julia - Never mind, I got it myself.
As you can see, Julia is obviously as excited as I am about getting rid of the old to make room for the new.  Either that, or she is halfway through a bottle of wine and trying to unwind after a long week with the girls.

No matter.  I continue to purge and eventually feed the hungry monster garbage disposal almost everything I've found.    
MMMM, can't believe I threw this stuff out.
With that done, I complete the grocery list with all the necessities like bread, milk, sweet love makin, and eggs. 

It never gets old seeing Julia adding things to the list and then come across one of my "necessities".

Maybe if I had a kitchen like this I wouldn't need to create space for all the new items.  Maybe someday.


Derek Aldrich said...

I don't want to know what was in the last picture. But definitely sounds like an epic adventure. How do you handle the whole " we get to the store and all double carts are being used by parents of teenagers or 1 child" situation. If your store has double carts of course.

championm2000 said...

I try to do the whole clean out the fridge thing when the hubby isn't home...he likes to get all preachy about wasting...blah, blah, blah...maybe I need to give him more wine.

Helene said...

I would LOVE it if my husband would clean out the fridge....or, at the very least, just add things to my shopping list so if there's something he wants, I can get it.

But no...he waits until I'm already on my way home, from shopping, to text me with "Need salsa".

And "please" or "thank you"...just "need salsa".

Nice. Needless to say, he didn't get his salsa (or any sweet love makin').