Thursday, October 25, 2012

I can't hear you, or anything else

Hadley usually does a good job of keeping her voice to a reasonable level.  In the middle of the night she'll whisper.  During the day she's at the normal level, unless she's trying to be heard over her sister.

Brynne, on the other hand, only seems to have one level.
Like Spinal Tap, Brynne turns it to 11, but she keeps it there.
She can walk up to me and request the most mundane thing.  If she happens to be right in front of me when she speaks I feel as though my hair is being blown back.
We very nearly lost a 50 year old oak tree when Brynne spoke at it.
I wasn't surprised the other day when she informed me about something she had just done.

"Me went poop on the potty!"

It just might have been more appropriate to use her quiet voice at this particular point - seeing as wee had about a dozen people over at the time and I was standing in the middle of them.

Oh well.  At least she wasn't cursing.

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championm2000 said...

The picture of that tree cracks me up because it reminds me of how I feel when Emily screams, especially in public. That girl has a set of lungs!

But, if she ever yells she went poop on the potty, well, I might just have to scream back YAY!!!!