Thursday, July 5, 2012

You know you're tired when...

1 - you wonder why your mouse isn't working, until you realize you've grabbed your cell phone and are trying to use that to manipulate your computer.

but my mouse is wireless
2 - the phone rings, you pick it up, nobody is on the other end, and it keeps ringing. Meaning, you picked up your cell phone when the office phone was ringing.
another way to fail using the phone
3 - you find yourself in a 30 minute conversation with the most annoying person in your office and you are okay with it because it keeps you from falling asleep at your desk.
Yes, Milton, I'm still listening
4 - you have to touch your eyeball to see if you did, in fact, remember to put in your contacts that morning.
bet he doesn't have this problem
5 - you try not to blink because reopening your eyes seems like too much work.
a much better solution
6 - you hang up a call rather than be put on hold because the elevator music they're playing might put you to sleep.

7 - you take two hours to realize you never turned on the light in your office.
I suppose that's enough light to work by
8 - you start eating lunch and then realize it's only 9 AM.
9 - the funniest thing you've heard all day is the guy in the office next to you repeating "hello" 35 times before deciding something is wrong with the caller's phone. Actually, it was 35 times over four different calls...I counted.
apparently not
10 - you count the number of times the guy in the office next to you says hello before hanging up.

11 - you catch yourself doing the sleeping head bob, while in the restroom.
at least he's not on the toilet
12 - you find yourself mentally measuring the space under your desk and wondering if you could nap there without anyone finding out.
sadly, the answer is no
13 - you've managed to finish a Mountain Dew before anyone else is even in the office.
I can't wait for the sugar high to wear off, maybe then I'll sleep
All of this happened to me the other morning so I thought I'd share it - and because I haven't had a good list post in quite some time. 

Go ahead, laugh at me.  I'm not sure I'll even know what's going on if this keeps up.


Melissa Ann said...

You suffering from anxiety with all you have going on in this season? Get some sleep, papa!

When I'm falling asleep (usually in church) I spell words from the sermon with my feet just to stay awake. Or in college during 1pm classes I would sit and my desk and just try to keep my feet 1" off the floor. I couldn't hear the teacher at all b/c it takes so much concentration... but at least the teacher couldn't hear me snore!

championm2000 said...

Hope you get some rest this weekend! (Oh, wait. You have twins!)

Buy more Mountain Dew :-)