Monday, July 2, 2012

Wardrobe malfunction

It was a bit hot this weekend, so we took the opportunity to fill up the "funny ginaffe" (as the girls call it) pool.  When we were done, we went inside to eat, and then on to the bath.
"Funny Ginaffe" gets a lot of laughs at our house from the girls.

I was still a bit warm, so I left my shirt off.

As the girls were playing in the tub, Brynne stopped, pointed at my chest, and asked
What's that?
Yes, Robert DeNiro has nipples too.  But Brynne didn't ask about milking any of them.
I was getting ready to say my chest, when Mama piped in with
Papa's nipple. 
 And then we were off.
Papa's nipple.  Brynne's nipple.  Hadley's nipple.  Mama's nipple?
Every time she said it, she pointed to or touched the person's nipple.  Mama had her shirt on, so Brynne just pointed in the general direction.
Grandma nipple?  Grandpa nipple?  Winnie nipple?  Fiona nipple? Massi nipple?  Massa nipple?  Noodle nipple?  Chloe nipple?
Each of these questions Mama replied to with,
Yes, _____ has nipples. 
I just throw this out there in case she comes up to you, points toward (and hopefully doesn't touch) your nipples, and lets you know what they are.  She's not hungry. She's not a perv.  She's not trying to be rude.  She's just showing you she knows what they are.

I asked Mama when we get to the other parts of the anatomy.  Fortunately, she said those can wait.
My potential reaction when they inform me "boys have a penis and girls have a vagina".

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

We have similar conversations about "breasts". I am thankful the girls are using correct terminology, and that we're discussing their questions in what I think is an appropriate way...but I have to say I'm always thankful when something else catches their eyes and we can move on to a less meatier topic. ;)