Friday, October 14, 2011

Vacation - Papa's point of view part 5

This is the last time I’m going to say it; if you’re just joining me you should really go back and start at the beginning of this adventure. 
We left home and caught our flight.  From there we got our rental car and hit the road.  We pulled into the parking lot and there waiting was a stranger with a box fan that would never be ours. 
Jane was the box fan owner.  Jane is actually Melissa.  John is her husband Derek. 
Julia and Melissa co-write a blog about beauty.  They found each other through a twin web site and hit it off.  They became virtual friends.  Last fall, Julia made the statement about how she was so blessed to have stumbled into such a great friendship, but she felt sad as she didn’t know if she would ever meet her friend in person as she lived half way across the country.
I filed her statement away in the bowels of my crazy mind and decided right then and there they would have to meet.
Booking the actual trip took all of two hours, give or take. 
All of the deception and misdirection took ten times that amount of time.
The hardest part was trying to keep it all straight.  Lying is such tough work! 
We had a great week, despite some of the early troubles.  Julia and Melissa were able to do something neither of them had thought possible.  Our girls were able to play with new twin friends.  Derek and I were able to meet and strike up a friendship. 
What a great vacation!
Best of all, Julia was totally surprised.  She didn't know what we were doing, or that we were spending the week there, until Melissa told her in the parking lot where they met.

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