Saturday, December 1, 2012

Success or failure?

Mama left this morning before getting the girls ready.  At the last minute, I had her lay out some outfits for them to wear. 

Unfortunately, the girls got to them before I did and I couldn't tell if the outfits they presented me were mismatched or not.

I had two options:

1 - Leave them in their pajamas with their hair flying everywhere and head out in public.

2 - Attempt to match the outfits properly, do something with their hair, and head out in public.

I chose option 2, and I'll let you be the judge as to whether or not I was successful or failed in each category.

I think I'll call this do "Waterfall"
I'm still not sure if this matches or not.  Maybe Mama set out two shirts and two pants that all go together. 
 Papa's pedicure
The girls didn't know Mama was going to get her toes done, but they asked for blue and purple I obliged to the best of my ability.  Not bad, for the first toe painting effort in my life.
So what do you think? 


Derek Aldrich said...

They look great.

Brad Jenkins said...

Husband, I love you. I love that you paint toenails and fix hair. I love you for taking care of our girls, so I could have an afternoon to be blessed by my friends. You are wonderful----God has blessed me tremendously!

Melissa Ann said...

Even if you did or didn't match... the hair and toes are totally impressive! Derek can do toes... but hair... I'd be scared...

championm2000 said...


I can't decide what's more impressive...the hair or the pedicures.

My husband claims he can't do Emily's hair due to his massive man hands. Um. Yeah. Okay.